New Pawrents Guide

Here is out guide to kitten supplies:

We put together an Amazon list of things we buy for our kittens.

We tested the quality and durability of these toys so you don't have to!


After careful consideration and consultation with veterinary professionals, we have made the decision to switch from Blue Buffalo to Royal Canin as our recommended cat food brand. Royal Canin is known for its commitment to quality and expertise in formulating nutritionally balanced diets that cater to the specific needs of cats. It also has more specific formulations that will better support our queens and lower the need for frequent switches of food as the kitten ages. 


We give our kittens cooked plain chicken breast or tuna  Canned or cooked is fine. Any dairy products like cheese or milk are not recommended for cats. Kittens tummies are designed for their mama's milk, and not the cows. We also love churu treats and so do our cats. We always alternate between tuna and chicken.


The tunnel is the kitten's favorite one! I tried out 2 others and they were only a single layer of fabric and the kittens shredded it to bits within a week. This one is two-layer and has a crinkle sound that attracts the kittens. It is going well for over 6 months now with 6 kittens using it. 

Kitten fishing pole and sensory toys

The kittens love the feather ones with the bells, a huge favorite! Be mindful of letting them chew it too much because if they chew off the bells it is a choking hazard.

The second set has lots of toys to interact with your kitten. It is important to replace your hand and fingers with a toy so that the kitten does not get into the habit of attacking your hands. And I like to think their hunting instincts recognize the fish because all of them go crazy on the fish. We gave them other plushy toys like teddy bears but kittens had no interest. The fish is always the center of attention!


Kittens don't develop any sensitivity to catnip until 3-6 months of age. So I would not recommend rushing to buy catnip stuff for them. But once they are older the catnip balls that you can stick on the wall are nice for them to have some stimulation especially if they are left home alone for a while.

Cat condos/scratching trees

 Kittens love to climb up somewhere and lounge around, so any size cat condo works. I added 3 of them in different budgets/esthetic. Main thing to be on the look out for is that the scratching area aka the poles are covered in sisal rope and not carpet!!! The carpet will shred immediately when the kitten scratches the claws and you will have to vacuum a whole bunch of the carpet fibers. Believe me we learned the hard way.

Water fountain

Maine Coons love water and they need plenty of it. To make it easy for you and make sure your kitty is happy water fountains really help. We have two of the Toozey fountains and we like them the most. We have tried countless wireless and wired ones, and honestly the wired ones are the most consistent, no headaches about charging. This option has the most straight forward filtration system and two spout options. The refils are standard and affordable. 

Cat carriers

The ZaneSun has been my trusty friend for flying with kittens. I used it to fly from France with two kittens and it did great. Comfortable for the kittens and very light weight. The AutumnStory was is our go to for vet visits. Its more sturdy and similar to the hard plastic one but way less bulky and folds flat. It is perfect for kittens and will grow with your kitty to full size thanks to the pull outs. Our king Sapphire can stretch almost fully with both slides out. 

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