Commonly Asked Questions

Can we visit your cattery?

Our cattery is also our home and is a closed cattery. We do not allow home visits and do not entertain outside visitors. If you would like to see a kitten and/or cat, we are more than happy to schedule a live video chat or an in person visit after the non-refundable deposit is made. For those are have been impacted by scammers and extra cautious individuals, we are happy to do a meeting in person on a case by case basis either in our home or in a public place (only for serious buyers and as our work schedule allows). 

How much are your kittens?

The kitten price is broken down by features/coats color

-Standard colors: $3000+tax

-Smoke (black, tortie or red): $3500+tax

-Shaded or Shell: $4000+ tax

Kittens are sold as pets only and go home neutered/spayed.

Are you a registered cattery?

We are a TICA registered cattery and each kitten is eligible to be registered with TICA as well by their families. You can see our cattery certificate at the bottom of every page.

What about declawing?

I am against declawing any cats. Many do not know this but declawing is like having part of your knuckles amputated. This can cause long term effects and behavioral issues. Any declawing done to my kittens after they leave my home will void all health guarantee contracts. No exceptions.

What kind of health testing do you do?

We do genetic testing on all of our kings and queens to test for HCM, SMA, PkDef. And we only breed cats who are N/N on all the tests.

Additionally we do HCM screenings using echocardiograms by licensed veterinary cardiologists.

Below is short explanation for the genetic issues we test for and what our cat are clear off:

HCM - hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Primary HCM is one of the most common reasons of sudden heart failure not only in cats even in humans. HCM is clinically very heterogeneous heart disease, which occurs in pure-bred cats as well as in domestic cats.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)

Spinal muscular atrophy is a genetic disorder. It is a neurodegenerative disorder caused by death of spinal cord neurons that activate skeletal muscles of the trunk and limbs.

Erythrocyte pyruvate kinase deficiency (PK deficiency) is an inherited hemolytic anemia caused by insufficient activity of its namesake regulatory enzyme.

Cats with N/N genotype will not have PK deficiency, HCM, and SMA. They cannot transmit this PK deficiency, HCM, and SMA variant to their offspring.

Indoor or outdoor cats?

All my cats are raised indoors with a safe enclosed area outside (called a cattio). I expect the kittens to be kept indoors only as well when they go to their new homes. This will help prevent catching diseases from other cats, fleas, ticks, and predators. Once a cat is exposed to the outside world, they will get more curious and continue to want to go out and explore. There’s that chance that they may never return home due to someone stealing them, getting hit by a car, or a predator getting to them. Allowing our kitten to be an outdoor cat voids all health guarantees and is irresponsible pet care.