Meet our Queens 

Snow White 

This gorgeous baby is a beautiful black mackerel tabby.

We are happy to welcome her into our cattery from Europe. She is a very cuddly and playful cat with beautiful coloring and a lovely face! She is a drama queen who will yell for her affection, especially if you forget to pet her belly. She has the most melodic chirp.

She is incredibly intelligent and quickly figures out how the laser pointer works.

Fun fact: She has won best in-show as a kitten!

She has a huge fluffy tail but the auto editor won't capture it :(

All tests are N/N.

Echocardiogram: clear


Aline is a gorgeous super rare red female tabby!

Alina came to us from Germany and has been a perfect friend and cuddle buddy since! She is a wonderful mama, taking great care of her kittens. She always meets us at the door when we come home. She loves to sit on the kitchen windows and keep track of unfriendly squirrels.  Alina will be retiring soon as its her time to have fun.

Fun fact: Only 20 % of red cats are born female.

Echocardiogram: clear

Fairy Tale

Our beautiful black mackerel/brown girl with a tail for days. She absolutely adores us and always wants pets and cuddles from us. She loves playing with Snow White's Kittens and watching them run around. She loves following me around all day and wants to be involved in every activity.

Fun Fact: She won BEST KITTEN at a show in Seoul, South Korea

We are going to be showing her at shows around the Pacific Northwest!

All tests are N/N

Echocardiogram: clear


Our beautiful solid black girl. She absolutely adores humans and all the kittens. She loves playing with kittens and watching them run around. We call her the nanny cat with how much she loves being around kittens. She is only 8 months old and has so much filling in and growing to do.

Fun Fact: She won BEST IN SHOW in Washington State.

We are going to be showing her at shows around the Pacific Northwest!

Echocardiogram: clear