Current: Redheads



Miss Alina welcomed 3 absolutely perfect boys on 12/13/23. 

RESERVED: for Dan and Carissa.

Sleepy: as the name is emplies very sleepy boy. Loves to observe us and is always first to fall asleep, which leaves him vulnerable to having his ears nibbled on by his brothers. 

RESERVED: for Liz and Josh

Fiesty: as the name is implies he can't stay still so the photos are blurry. Playful and very energetic and wants to fight everything that moves.

RESERVED: for Ryan and Ana

Hungry: as the name is implies always acts like he never gets fed. Is loud and proud about his needs, you will never be confused or loose him.

Photo Bloopers

Planned litters:

First time we list a planned litter on the website things do not go as planned. Miss Skazka pulled a very sneaky move on us by faking things so we were convinced and turned out she never mated. We are giving Skazka a bit more time to mature, based on vet advice. So hopefully this beauty in a bit more time will grace us with her gorgeous  babies.

We do have a couple more females that have not been introduced on the website as we are waiting for all our females to pass their echos and hip xrays.


The Kitten Package

All things in the kitten package amount to a huge saving of your time and money with $1000s of dollars in veterinary care and visits. We choose to spay and neuter our kittens while they are with us, also to lessen the stress of post-surgical care on you since that is something we are experienced with. We want our kittens to live long and healthy lives, which is why we invest so much time and money before they come to your family. Raising purebred, high quality, and cared for Maine Coons is a financially expensive endeavor and we do it for our great love and respect for the breed. 

Kittens come with

1. Age-appropriate vaccination

2. Spay or neuter
To avoid any surprise pregnancies or escape behaviors along with a host of health problems such as cancer. Spaying prevents uterine infections and decreases the incidence of breast tumors, which are malignant or cancerous in about 90 percent of cats. Unspayed female cats also carry the risk of developing pyometra – a fatal condition of the uterus that requires surgery to treat. Spaying your pet before her first heat offers the best protection from these diseases. Neutering your cat prevents testicular cancer and some prostate problems.

Another benefit of spay/neuter is your cat's coat stays more consistent. In cat shows they have separate categories for spayed/neutered or altered and not-altered. Not-altered cats have more energy directed to reproductive functions. But altered cats have bigger bodies, fuller coats, and less shedding.

3. High-quality dry food to get you started.

4. Health record.

5. Kitten information package.

6. One-year health guarantee for genetic defects.

7. One free month of Trupanion pet insurance.