About Us!

One of our queens, Snow White (Originally Hilary)

Our Cattery

Sapphire's Pride started in my heart many years before we found our king and queen. Years ago I saw a photo of a huge cat and said "no way, that must be photoshopped!". And immediately went to google giant cats and found out that in fact, huge, fluffy, and super-friendly cats do exist, they are Maine Coons. 

From that point on I researched for years about breeding and Maine Coons. Then I finally found Sapphire, a large blue-tabby, and our beautiful red-tabby Alina. Sapphires Pride cannot exist without my wonderful husband Alex, who supported my vision and participates in the daily operations of our cattery. 

However, the search for our king and queen was a pretty intense process. From scams to concerns of unethical breeding, it took a long time and effort to find a reputable breeder, it took even more energy to import our beauties from Europe from said breeders. 

Because of that experience, I wanted our cattery to be very different. 

Cats are family, and all of the families who have our kittens quickly became our family too.  We strive to provide ongoing support to our kitten owners; ensuring a seamless transition and a lifetime of happiness for both the feline companions and their families. We are always available to answer any questions, offer guidance, and share our passion for this remarkable breed.

We are fans of all colors of Maine Coons and it is hard for us to pick just one coat color range, so depending on the litter you can find a little bit of everything. All of our kittens have at least one champion in their bloodline!  

Sweet king Sapphire

Our values 

 Interested in our cattery? Contact sapphirespride@gmail.com for more information.